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Indonesian Sociaty of Endo-Laparoscopic Surgeons (ISES) Members:

1. Founding Member
Surgical specialists who have mastered the ability of surgical endoscopic / laparoscopic who on January 31, 1994 to jointly establish this association.

2. Fellow
Surgery is a recognized specialist in Indonesia who: International Or have a National Certificate or laparoscopic and endoscopic surgicalrecognized association. Having a letter from the institution where he had served the state's work / activities and endoscopic surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

3. Associate Member
The doctor is interested in fields other disciplines of science Endo-laparoscopic surgery.

4. Honorary Member
Are those who are deserving of Indonesian Sociaty of Endo-Laparoscopic Surgeons (ISES) and Endo-Laparoscopic Surgical Sciences.


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